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Egg color in domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus)

  1. A color wheel of the different hues chickens can produce. All egg shells start off as while before they pass through the oviduct. Browns are caused by pigmentation called porphyrins that is added towards the end of the laying process, and the amount of porphyrins differs from breed to breed. The blue coloration is made during an earlier stage,  is created by oocyanin from the bile. Since blue is added earlier, the inside of a blue egg will be blue, compared to the white inside this brown egg [x]
  2. Leghorn: white [x]
  3. Plymouth rocks: light pinkish [x]
  4. Buff orpingtons: light tan [x]
  5. Cochin: brown, similar to light terracotta [x]
  6. Welsummer: brown and usually speckled [x]
  7. Maran: deep, chocolate brown. One speckled from a cuckoo maran, the lightest from another brown layer for comparison. [x]
  8. Araucana: light blue [x]
  9. Easter eggers (araucana crossed with a brown layer): shades of pink, blue, light minty green, light mossy green [x]
  10. Olive eggers (araucana crosses with dark brown layers): olive green [x]

Happy Easter (or happy Sunday)!