Appreciating the subtle and not so subtle physical differences between individuals or subspecies of animals. I'm not an expert, just a person who likes to troll through the internet to find interesting looking animals. Feel free to point out any mistakes. I am not accepting requests at the moment. I do not claim to own any pictures, and will try to link back to the source.

Domestic Ferret (Mustela putorius furo)

  1. A lovely lighter sable (possibly pointed?), creamy undercoat and dark guard hair.[x]
  2. With higher amounts of guard hairs, this black sable is a much darker animal. The mask seems less distinctly marked, connecting with the color on it’s[x]
  3. This gorgeous blaze has a thin stripe down it’s forehead, and like most blazes has a greatly reduced mask, leaving only markings under it’s eyes, and a large white bib on it’s throat. Ferrets with high amounts of white, like blazes, often are hearing impaired or completely deaf due to Waardenburg syndrome.[x]
  4. A light silver colored ferret, white undercoat with an even amount of what appears to be dark grey guard hairs, with typical mitt markings, which are white feet and bib.[x]
  5. Possibly a cinnamon panda, the dense red-brown color is mostly limited to the limbs and tail, giving it a pattern similar to it’s namesake. [x]
  6. This chocolate self is more or less a solid brown color, though I can see a bit of lighter fur outlining what almost looks like a mask.[x]
  7. A dark eyed white, the term dark eyed used to distinguish it from albinos. This particular animal doesn’t seem to have much cream in it’s coat apart from it’s tail. They can range from pure white, to mostly creamy yellows, with many shades in between. They can also have small areas of dark fur, often on the back or tail, which then makes them marked whites.[x]
  8. An albino (called red eyed white) and polecat looking black self with white milk mouth markings on it’s muzzle, that could very well be a polecat hybrid. [x]
  9. Angora ferrets are bred for a longer coat with no undercoat, like this full panda angora. They have differently shaped faces, with an extra fold and hair on it’s nose. They are said to be even more hyper than normal ferrets. Because mothers often don’t produce enough milk, half angoras or normal ferrets are used to nurse the young. Half angoras have a long coat, but not as long and thick as fulls, and also lack the distinctive nose.[x]
  10. A pug, or brachycephalic ferret, his face shortened and teeth protruding in his lower jaw. Like most brachycephalic animals, they have dental problems, and I assume breathing problems from looking at other animals bred to have shortened faces. Some unsavory breeders are said to intentionally breed these, but thankfully it doesn’t seem popular. [x]