Appreciating the subtle and not so subtle physical differences between individuals or subspecies of animals. I'm not an expert, just a person who likes to troll through the internet to find interesting looking animals. Feel free to point out any mistakes. I am not accepting requests at the moment. I do not claim to own any pictures, and will try to link back to the source.

Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis )

  1. A field guide image of the various forms, subspecies, and life stages. [x]
  2. This dark phase seems to have an almost unicolored black-brown body, but from images I’ve seen of others, it probably has some lighter feathers elsewhere on it’s body, especially the tail. [x]
  3. A rufus phase, it’s undersides a washed out red-brown.[x]
  4. The bright and nearly clean belly of this light phase is decorated with a band of small freckling. [x]
  5. This Costa Rican (B. j. costaricensis) has a white neck and upper breast area, the band of freckles separating the white from the reddish brown underparts. [x]
  6. Sitting on a cactus, this Fuertes (B. j. fuertesi) is showing off it’s  creamy white, very lightly streaked underparts and pale tail. [x]
  7. A white headed Krider’s (B. j. kriderii) with heavy barring of white on it’s wings and back. [x]
  8. This pied has a heavy amount of white, giving this bird a flashy, striped appearance. [x]
  9. With a normal red tail and tinges of light orange-tan on it’s wings, this leucistic has a striking, colorful look.[x]
  10. An all white leucistic. [x]