Appreciating the subtle and not so subtle physical differences between individuals or subspecies of animals. I'm not an expert, just a person who likes to troll through the internet to find interesting looking animals. Feel free to point out any mistakes. I am not accepting requests at the moment. I do not claim to own any pictures, and will try to link back to the source.

Subspecies of Tiger (Panthera tigris)

  1. Siberians (P. t. altaica) are some of the largest living cats,. They generally have fewer stripes compared to the other subspecies, this one with a large empty space on it’s ribs and stripeless forelimbs [x]
  2. The Bengal (P. t. tigris)tigers are the most common, and the source of most of the animals in captivity. This animal had more stripes than the Siberian, some around it’s belly fairly thick.[x]
  3. South Chinese (P. t. amoyensis)  are described as usually being a more yellowish shade, like this brightly colored pair. Their stripes are much more narrow and numerous than the larger Bengals and Siberians, which seems to be the trend with the smaller subspecies. This is the most endangered variety. [x]
  4. The long skull of this dark pair of Indochinese give their faces a narrow appearance.  [x]
  5. Malayan (P.t. jacksoni) tigers are another small, dark jungle subspecies, only the Sumatran is smaller.[x]
  6. Male Sumatran (P. t. sumatrae) have a very distinctive look, with a scraggly beard and ruff, almost like the manes of lions.[x]
  7. The extinct (though some argue because they were so genetically close to Siberians that they were one and the same) Caspian (P. t. virgata). This particular animal has a very saggy, furry belly fold. It’s fur is vey long on the sides of it’s face. Sources say that the stripes on it’s body were more brownish in color, with black stripes on it’s head and limbs. [x]
  8. This Javan (P. t. sondaica) shared many of the same characteristics as the other island tigers, small bodied and thin striped. It also had a longer, thin muzzle. It went extinct sometime in 1970’s or 1980’s.[x]
  9. The smallest subspecies of tiger, the darkly colored Bali (P. t. balica) was the first to become extinct as a direct result from overhunting and habitat loss.[x]
  10. Bergmann’s rule is clearly displayed in this image when looking at the size difference between an adult male Sumatran, the smallest living subspecies from a hot climate, and a possible Siberian, the largest from a cold one . [x]

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