Appreciating the subtle and not so subtle physical differences between individuals or subspecies of animals. I'm not an expert, just a person who likes to troll through the internet to find interesting looking animals. Feel free to point out any mistakes. I am not accepting requests at the moment. I do not claim to own any pictures, and will try to link back to the source.

European badgers (Meles meles)

  1. A vividly colored “ginger” erythristic badger.
  2. Two erythristic badgers with a typical colored friend for comparison.
  3. A possibly leucistic badger, because of it’s much more muted, softer brown colors. 
  4. Possible leucistic and friend.
  5. An older albino badger, much less commonly found in the wild then ginger badgers.
  6. And to even things out, an albino and typical pair, for contrast.
(As always, if you know these terms better then I do, don’t hesitate to correct me!  The term erythrism is very new to me)